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DURAZZI MILANO is an emerging brand in fashion luxury, based in Milan and with strong Italian DNA. Thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, inspired by an unconventional point of view, DURAZZI MILANO creates languages that go beyond trends. The brand’s aesthetic codes, freed from preconceptions and the restrictive constraints of stylistic cohesion, transcend the products and become the instrument of a bold expression of oneself, without ever losing sight of its guiding principles: timeless elegance and uncompromising quality.

The brand, created and designed by Ilenia Durazzi, has its roots in her interests and lifestyle, influenced and inspired by art, architecture, cinema and photography. These naturally lead her to think out of the box and to look for a point of view which is not obvious, from where she can observe reality, imagine new scenarios and experiment with new aesthetic solutions.

Her return to Italy after over ten years in Paris and her meeting the artist Maurizio Cattelan sparked Ilenia Durazzi’s creativity and convinced her to start her own brand as co-founder. The DURAZZI MILANO collections feature leather goods, clothing and shoes for women and combine a modern, innovative and sophisticated design with the uniqueness of artisanal products.